Privacy Policy

We understand that online privacy is very important to our visitors and members of our website, especially when doing business. We respect and recognize our users' need for appropriate protection for personal information they share with us.

Personal Information

means any information that may be used to identify a specific individual, including, but not limited to Full name ( a first and a last name), a residential, a phone number, social security number, and a personal e-mail address or any other contact information, whether residential or office. In general, our users can visit Havishe.Com anytime without sharing their personal information with us or without revealing their true identity.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

Some of the web pages at Havishe.Com use "cookies" and other tracking technologies. A "cookie" is basically a small text file. Cookies are used for different purposes. At Havishe.Com, we use cookies to obtain information about our users' preferences and about the services they select on our site. The purpose of using cookies at our site is to recall Personal Information previously recorded about a Web user. Most browsers give full freedom to users to control cookies, including whether or not accept cookies and how to disable or completely remove cookies.

Users are free to set their browsers to notify them if they receive a cookie from a site they visit. Most browsers may allow users to completely disable or block cookies from a website with their browsers, but it is very important to note that if a user chooses to remove or block their cookies with browser, they will need to re-enter their username and password in order to access certain parts of the Havishe.Com.

Other Tracking Technologies

these technologies may record users' information, such as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, domain and host names, browser software, and types of operating systems. These technologies may also record other information, such as clickstream patterns, date and time of visits to our website. Cookies and other tracking technologies that we are using at Havishe.Com help us give your visitors a better user experience when they visit and use our website. These technologies also help us make necessary improvements in our site. With the help of cookies and other tracking technologies we may also record and analyze information other than Personal Information.

Third Party Services

Third parties provide some specific services on Havishe.Com to our users. We do not sell your personal information to third parties, but we may provide information, including Personal Information that we collect on Havishe.Com to third-party services in order to help them deliver high quality services, programs and information. Service providers are an important means by which Havishe.Com is maintained. Havishe.Com will take resalable steps to ensure that our users' Personal Information is 100% safe and secure with these third party services, and also that these third party services are obligated to protect important information of our users on our behalf.

Havishe.Com does not intend to transfer Personal Information of its users without their consent to third parties who are not legally to act on Havishe.Com's behalf unless such transfer of Personal Information is legally required. Likewise, it is strongly against our policy to sell Personal Information of our users without their consent.

User Consent

By using our website, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and our processing of your personal data for the purpose given above, along with those explained where we collect Personal Information online.

Information Protection & Security

We take standard security measures in order to provide full protection to our users' personal data. With the help of these security measures we ensure full protection against unauthorized access to unauthorized alteration, destruction or disclosure of our users' data.

We strictly restrict access to our users' Personal Information to employees who need to know this information to improve, operate or update Havishe.Com's services.

Updating User's Information

We have a specific mechanism for updating and correcting our users' personally identifying information for various services that we offer.


Havishe.Com will not contact children aged 13 and below about special offers or for marketing purposes without their parents' or guardian's permission.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Havishe.Com does not rent, sell or share user's personal information that has been shared by user's (with their consent) with other people or non-affiliated third parties (it could be an individual or a non-affiliated company), except in the case when it has to provide services or products requested by the user, with user's permission, or under any or all of the circumstances given below:

We share the user's personal information with trusted partners who work with or on behalf of Havishe.Com under the confidentiality agreement.

We respond to court orders and subpoenas, and undertake legal process in order to establish our legal rights or to defend our business against legal claims.

We strongly believe that in some cases it is necessary to share information to prevent, investigate, or also to take action regarding illegal activities, suspected scams or frauds, situations that involve potential threats to physical safety of an individual, violations of the terms of use of Havishe.Com, or as otherwise required by law.

We hold the right to transfer our users' personal information if Havishe.Com is acquired or merged with any other company. In this event, we will notify our users before information about our users is transferred and becomes subject to a different privacy policy introduced by the new owner or partner.

Havishe.Com displays targeted advertisement based upon the person information provided by its users. Advertisers (including ad serving agencies) may assume that visitors who interact with, view or perform any action (click a link or ad) meet the targeting criteria. For instance, men ages 18-24 from a specific geographic area.

User information is not shared with the advertiser when they interact with or view a targeted ad. However, by interacting with, performing any action (like clicking on an ad) user is considering to the possibility that the advertiser will make assumption that user fulfill the targeting criteria required to display the ad.

Havishe.Com's advertiser include both financial (such as insurance agents, banks, and stock brokers), and non-financial companies (such as airlines, stores, and software companies).

Confidentiality and Security

We give limited access to our users' personal information to our employees who believe reasonably need to know that information in order to provide our valuable users with quality products or services.

We have appropriate physical, electronic and procedural safeguards in place that comply with the laws prevalent in India in order to protect personal information of our users. We see to ensure 100% compliance with the specific requirements of the law of Information Technology Act, 2000 and Rules.

What If There Will Be Any Changes to Privacy Policy?

Havishe.Com reserves the right to change, update or modify privacy policy at any time. The new or updated or modified privacy policy shall come into effect from the date of such change, modification or update.

Disclaimer provides the some content from various information sources the content to be used only for informational purpose and not responsible for the inaccuracy or deficiency of the provided information. has the rights, at its sole discretion, to make modifications in any aspect of the provided information.

Havishe.Com does not keep or store credit card data in a location that is accessible through the Internet. Once a credit card transaction has been done, credit card data is transferred off-line in order to ensure that the credit card data received is secure and not accessible to anyone after completion of the online transaction. We use utmost protection and acre as is possible to ensure that all credit card data is safe and secure, and it does not fall in wrong hands.

Havishe.Com shall not be liable for any damage or loss sustained by reason of any disclosure of user's account information relating to or regarding online transactions made via credit cards/debit cards and/or their verification process and particulars nor for any error, inaccuracy or omission with respect to any data/information so disclosed and used whether or not in purchase of a legal process or otherwise.

Contact Information

Havishe.Com welcomes your comments and feedback regarding this privacy policy at the contact address provided at the website. Should you have any suggestions or any concerns about contravention of this privacy statement, Havishe.Com will employ all commercially reasonable efforts to address the concerns.


the terms in this agreement may be changed by Havishe.Com at any time. Havishe.Com is free to offer its services to any prospective and/or client without any restriction.