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MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE Imagine Think Create Mindscreen Film Institute founded by Rajiv Menon, started as a school for Cinematography and branched out to Screenplay Writing, Film-Making and Direction. Rajiv Menon, known for his passion for teaching, has mentored award winning cinematographers and directors during their formative years. Run by a team of senior professionals, Mindscreen Film Institute takes pride in having been the training ground for some of the best talent in the film industry today. The certificate course on Cinematography started in the year 2006 is highly reputed for its comprehensive program on film-making with specialization in cinematography. Students get hands-on learning experience and theoretical knowledge on the latest equipment's and facilities available in campus. Mindscreen Film Institute to offer high quality professional study programs in the theory & practice of film-making. Mindscreen Film Institute to focus on specialized areas of film-making that develop very proficient technicians who are creative artists as well. Mindscreen Film Institute and its alumni to make a professional impact and significant contribution to the media and entertainment industry. We believe that a good film-maker, irrespective of his/her role must appreciate all aspects of the process. From the choices a cinematographer confronts, understanding the director & his script, how sound and music transform a scene to assembling of images in the editing room. And the best way to learn them is to have a real 'touch-feel-do' experience. Mindscreen Film Institute is all about hands-on learning. Our learning environment is designed to move one beyond their current level, expand the vision, enhance technical skills and unleash the potential to IMAGINE, THINK & CREATE a new way. COURSES OFFERED: Six Months Course on Cinematography Six Months Course on Screenwriting and Direction Three Months Foundation course on Digital Photography Six Months Course on Acting for Film & Television Weekend Acting for Camera course (Saturday & Sundays) • Rajiv Menon Founder – Director Rajiv Menon began his career in the film industry when he graduated in cinematography from the Film and Television Institute. His subsequent training in Steadicam operation under Garret Brown, the academy award winner provided him the opportunity to work with some of the top productions. Rajiv Menon with two decades of experience in making commercials has won numerous awards. He has also worked on a few important documentary projects with personalities like Shyam Benegal and Girish Karnard. While Rajiv Menon worked on a few documentaries, He gained national recognition for shooting Maniratnam's 'Bombay' and is continued to be associated with him through 'Guru' and 'Kadal'. Rajiv Menon made his directorial debut in feature filmmaking, Minsara Kanavu for AVM Studios. He is equally interested in giving back to the industry a range of talents it needs to constantly renew itself. With same aim he has established Mindscreen Film Institute inaugurated in July 2006 by filmmaker, Maniratnam Founder and Director page to include major awards • 2000 - Kandukondain Kandukondain –Tamil Feature Film- Film fare Award - Best Director • 2008 – Guru – Hindi Feature Film – APSARA award for Best Cinematography. • 2008 – Guru - Hindi Feature Film – SHANTARAM award for Best Cinematography. • 2014 – Kadal – Tamil Feature Film – Film Fare Award for Best Cinematography • 2014 – Kadal – Tamil Feature Film - Vijay TV Award for Best Cinematography • 2014 – Kadal – Tamil Feature Film - SIIMA Award for Best Cinematography Rajiv Menon, Founder of "Rajiv Menon Productions", born in Kerala, joined the Film and Television Institute of Chennai in 1981, to study cinematography. In 1984, he went to America to train under cinematographer Garret Brown, best known for his invention of the Steadicam. In 1986, Rajiv founded "Rajiv Menon Productions", popularly known today as "RMP", where he started his career in TV commercials. Rajiv received his first national recognition through his Asian Paints "Pongal" commercial, which he both shot and directed and music for this was composed by A R Rahman. RMP has since produced over 300 TV commercials for leading brands in the country, for over 25 years. Rajiv's work in feature films was noticed and well appreciated when he did the cinematography for the award winning feature film 'Bombay (1995)’. His skill as a cinematographer received much praise, and since, he has worked with accomplished filmmakers like Mani Ratnam, Shyam Benegal and Girish Karnad. His latest contributions have been in Mani Ratnam's Guru (2007) and Kadal (2013) . Rajiv's first directorial venture Minsaara Kanavu (1997) (Electric Dreams) was not only a popular hit but also fetched four national awards for best choreography, best playback - male & female, and best music director. His second directorial venture was the multi-starrer Kandukondain Kandukondain (2000) (I have found it), besides winning the best director and best picture awards at filmfare, was screened at numerous International Film Festivals like the London Film Festival, The Washington DC Festival and the Danish Film Festival. A song from the film also won singer Shankar Mahadevan his first National Award. Rajiv Menon is a tremendously hardworking individual and his versatility extends across everything from being an ad photographer, cinematographer, director, actor, singer and orator, making him one of the country's most reputed and sought after film makers. Rajiv is equally interested in giving back to the industry a range of talent it needs to constantly renew itself. It is with this principal aim that he founded the Mindscreen Film Institute - a film school that nurtures tomorrow's talent by providing comprehensive training across all facets of Cinematography, Screenwriting and Filmmaking.

Six Months Course on Cinematography
Mindscreen Film Institute is committed to educate the next generation of Cinematographers to develop their own unique sense of visual voice, gaining intensive hands-on experience while working on the latest state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. In addition, Mindscreen is also home to distinguished faculty of accomplished cinematographers. Subjects covered Photography Optics Imaging Technology Lighting & Exposure Study of Still & Movie Cameras (Film & Digital) Digital Cinematography Elements of Film Direction, Screenplay, Sound, Editing and Film Production
Six Months Course On Screenwriting And Direction
At Mindscreen Film Institute, students find themselves learning to develop their ideas into a properly structured shooting script that can transform a good production into a great one. Students have the unique opportunity to hone their filmmaking skills, developing and bringing a script to life in a finished film, providing each student with extensive experience in going through each step of the filmmaking process as it relates to screenwriting. Our one-of-a-kind curriculum and world-class faculty ensures that students receive an intensive, hands-on education in the theory and practice of screenwriting and film making, becoming well-rounded and versatile in the process. Subjects Covered Film Appreciation Understanding Film Stories The Seven basic plots Lab & Assignment - Writing stories around the plots Continuity Exercise Film Understanding Performance - Actors & Acting
Acting For Film And Television
Actors or performers are the embodiment of a film as they are the ones who appear in the physical form on screen. They interpret the script, bring characters to life and need to be extremely adaptable. They must also have a good voice, a strong sense of expression and be able to transform gestures and emotions. Finally, they should be capable of imitating life and relationships. While preparing students for films, television, theatre and voice-over, the course teaches script interpretation, characterisation, diction, basic techniques, movement, observation, improvisation, role analysis, technique of make-up and basic ideas about costumes. Students are also guided in auditioning, compiling a portfolio and creating a comprehensive show reel. This program is designed for individuals who desire to achieve a position in Film & Television, but want to focus exclusively on acting, with a concentration on acting for film. Classes include Scene Study, Meisner Technique, Acting for Film, Voice and Movement, Monologues, Improvisation, Audition Technique and Stage Combat. In addition to the course work, students perform projects, both on-camera and on stage. A Repertory will be started by Mindscreen Film Institute in which the students of Acting will organize events to showcase their talent on stage regularly among the invitees from Media and public.
Weekend Acting For Camera Course 12 Weekends
The weekend course on Saturday & Sundays is tailor made for working professionals, students and talents who wish to earn and pursue their dreams to become an actor. The world of film-the silver screen is a dream for all and it can be achieved by any one through dedication and hard work. If you have the passion, Mindscreen will offer you the path to success. The current milieu demands a new breed of skilled, talented and driven actors with the ability to effectively deliver hallmark performances to entertain and move audiences, not just regionally but also globally. The twelve week course on Acting for Camera will be a window for the talents to that world and answers for all the quires the budding actor in you struggles with.... Like, How to Act? How to entertain? How does the industry work? How can I assess my talent? What are my strengths? How can I work on my weaker points? The twelve week course on Acting for Camera at Mindscreen Film Institute has been designed specifically to prepare a new breed of actors for the screen, and mike, to deliver memorable performances.
Foundation Course On Digital Photography
MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE, Chennai, a venture of Rajiv Menon, Director-Cinematographer, besides its regular courses on Cinematography and Screenwriting, is launching the THREE MONTHS FOUNDATION COURSE in DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY from May 2016. The Three months foundation course will broadly deal with: History of Photography Exploring the Digital Frontier Perfecting your Vision Practical Exposure Storytelling - Pictorially Creating Prints Fit for Galleries Sharing Pictures Celebrating your Portfolio Collaborating with Global Photo Community The foundation course, an opportunity to aspiring candidates who have a passion and desire for photography, to gain a deeper appreciation of one's creativity, explore effective avenues of Photography, discover and develop skills for better image projection, tricks and techniques of effective photography. The course is designed for a wide range of audience ranging from individuals with interests in Photography for any professional willing to explore what goes into the creation of beautiful images, Heritage images. You will receive an in-depth study of composition; concepts and techniques, helping you create and capture your creative vision through your lens. We will review everything from equipment and exposure settings, to how to find those stunning places and "work" a scene. During the course we will cover most all aspects of Storytelling, landscape, Heritage, street photography, Portfolio and a lot more. The Philosophy behind the course has been to awaken the creative photographer hidden in many people who have not had the opportunity to explore photography as a career. These are people who love taking pictures but have been baffled by the technologies involved in digital photography, or those who are inspired by the beauty of what they see but are frustrated that they cannot transform that experience into a great picture. The course is meant to guide such people and give them a start in the right direction. On completion of the course you would have the privilege of direct admission to our SIX MONTHS COURSE ON CINEMATOGRAPHY commencing August 2016. Other Activities during the Course Learn about: Light sources & Lighting Creative Photography Digital Image correction Digital workflow